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Archive of Tamlyn Magazine

A number of Tamlyn magazines have come to light, for which Alan Bell has given permission to upload to the site, as part of our archive. He gave us the following information:

Tamlyn was founded in 1973 by a local man named "Spooks!" He left the Fylde to become an old painting restorer in Holland. I bought the title from him & re-started the publications as editor & contributor. Folk Club diary dates were included plus a section on Folk customs. I never got the distribution needed, nor did I ever get the cost of printing correct.  Consequently, I ran out of cash.  Lack of time was also a factor, as I was doing gigs with The Taverners 2 or 3 nights a week, as well as working the "day" job, which involved travelling around the UK.”

It should be noted that the first five magazines just give an issue number with a date.  Once Alan took over the publishing of the magazine, he “reset the counter” to Volume 1 Issue 1 with his first issue. We’re not sure how many issues were published but we think it had ceased production by the time that the Federation Newsletter started rolling off the presses in 1978.

Prior to Tamlyn, there was a magazine called “Fylde Forum” of which we have a couple of copies that we hope to upload if we get permission.

Iss 1 July 1973

Iss 2 Aug 1973

Iss 3 Sep 1973

Iss 4 Oct 1973

Iss 5 Nov-Dec 1973
V1 Iss 2 Nov 1974

V1 Iss 3 Feb 1975

V1 Iss 4 Apr 1975

V1 Iss 5 Jun 1975
V2 Iss 1 Oct 1975

V2 Iss 2 Dec 1975

V2 Iss 3 Feb 1976

V2 Iss 4 Apr 1976

V2 Iss 5 Jun 1976